Lunch with 4
interesting people

"Turn Strangers Into Friends"

Meet interesting
and accomplished people

Are you looking for professional guidance from people who have done it before? Or, looking for an opportunity to meet the discerning business owner and professional both in your town or city or while traveling for business or pleasure. It is a great opportunity to meet like minded people to share, grow and learn from your peers and unique people who want to make a difference.

Have meaningful conversations
while breaking bread

This is not a networking meeting. It is all about putting down your device and reconnecting with real people. Our app enables you to have enriching conversation with only four people at a given time. It gives you a chance to have enriching conversation in a relaxing environment that promotes the free flow of information and sharing of ideas and issues we all face in business and within our community.

Grow your professional

Our app helps you build real long-term relationships. It is all about turning strangers into friends. The only question is "what would you do with the endless possibilities” which may open up a brighter more fulfilling future?

Give back to the community

We help build better relationships, share ideas and make our communities better by building on our individual success and helping others recognize opportunities and deal with the issues that may prevent us from being our very best. There has never been a better way to give back to the community while enjoying your lunch with four interesting people.