Eight years ago I was looking for a way to meet interesting people. I had just embarked on a new venture with De Groote Financial Group after leaving United Wealth Management and founding their United Wealth Management Division. After a number of false starts I stumbled on the concept of having Lunch With 4 Interesting People.

I felt if I got to know some of these people it would have a positive impact on my business and perhaps the relationships that developed would be valuable for them as well.

I sent out an email inviting people to the event. I was overwhelmed by the response. The first lunch and each one thereafter has been a success. It has a small impact on my time and energy, and has significant impact on my feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment of life. I have now shared lunch with 100's of interesting people .

Lunch With 4 Interesting People has Hosts across North America replicating my efforts. You can be a part of this. It is an opportunity for the discerning traveller, business owner or professional to share, grow and learn from a unique group of people. We are creating a free flow of information and ideas that drive our economy, encourage freedom of information and the expression of thought. And, help grow and encourage fulfilling relationships across the globe.